Convention Portfolio

We've been a mainstay across Houston conventions for the last 5 years, But our first AA experience was in 2010 when we were 14!

Since then we've learned a lot, replaced our inventory multiple times, and continued to grow. Our normal AA inventory changes based on the convention. Scroll down to see some of the one-of-a kind products we've been focusing on in the last year.

Waifu Dice

We worked together with a couple well known dice-production companies in order to print our designs on various dice.

We have designed over 90 dice so far!

Playmats for Trading Card Games

Although they double as oversized mousepads, our playmats are designed for TCG and Tabletop players. If your event has a Tabletop room we are also interested in providing prize support for tournaments.

Over 500 Buttons

Our main money-maker is our expansive Button collection.

With the spread of Itabag culture, finding buttons of your favorites has been a quest for many. Instead of seasonally discontinuing buttons, we bring our whole 500+ inventory, to help even those looking for rare or obscure characters.

Mini Dakimakura

Full Size Dakimakura

Acrylic Keychains